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Week Beginning – 18.11.2019

Our clients who run a limited company used JUST their latest years net profit plus salary to significantly increase their borrowing potential. Their mortgage application has been approved to borrow 90% on a new build house. Loan subject to status and credit scoring.

Week Beginning – 11.11.2019

This week we helped a client who had been discharged from bankruptcy 8 years ago by assisting him with a mortgage to purchase a percentage of his shared ownership property through a high street lender paying no valuation or arrangement fees securing a five year fix.

Week Beginning – 02.11.2019

We recently helped a daily pay rate contractor who was stuck on a standard variable rate mortgage paying 4% interest rate due to his employment status. We helped him remortgage and reduce his interest rate significantly meaning that the client could reduce the term and/ or pay lower monthly premiums improving affordability.